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Dongguan efficient logistics help, Hong Kong shelter hospital construction aid equipment quickly arrived in Hong Kong
Source:南方网 | Author:戴双城 | Published time: 2022-03-03 | 795 Views | Share:

          A truck carrying 100 air purifiers crossed the Shenzhen Bay Bridge and arrived in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, to help build a makeshift hospital in Hong Kong. The air purifiers, ordered by Hong Kong's Zhuo Huida Company and shipped via Dongguan Xinning Storage Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinning Storage"), will be used to reduce the amount of viruses in the air in each shelter. Thanks to the efficient logistics services provided by Xinning Warehouse, this batch of air purifiers completed customs clearance and tax refund and export on the second morning after arriving at the bonded warehouse.


      It is understood that the Hong Kong makeshift hospital is currently under construction. Previously, Hong Kong Zhuohuida Company, a supplier of shelter hospital equipment, purchased a batch of commercial purifiers in Shenzhen, requiring them to be delivered to Yuen Long, Hong Kong, as soon as possible.

      At present, the epidemic is in a high period, for the need of epidemic prevention, all goods and vehicles in Xinning warehouse need to be strictly eliminated, and personnel also need to meet the needs of prevention and control, and at this time, a car is difficult to find, and the bonded warehouse has its own vehicle schedule is full. In this case, as soon as Xinning Warehouse receives the goods, it will prioritize the customs declaration procedures for vehicles and export tax rebates, and there will be port vehicles to load the next morning.

     "We also undertake the task of cross-border cargo transit center, giving priority to arrange the corresponding trucks to load." The person in charge of Xinning warehousing said that under the full green light process of the customs for special goods, this batch of goods arrived in Hong Kong very quickly, from loading the car to customs clearance, and it took only two and a half hours to arrive.

      The person in charge told reporters that in addition to the 100 air purifiers, there are 400 air purifiers ordered by Hong Kong Zhuohui Da company waiting for delivery, once the seller shipped, Xning storage will be the first time to transfer to Hong Kong Yuen Long, to help curb the spread of the epidemic.

[Reporter] Dai Shuangcheng

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